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Highly Professional in helping Organizations weave data into their day-to-day decision making processes

Either you are running a small or substantial business, we can manage your product’s growth with our expert team that work to compete in the marketplace for Brand Growth.

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Our online store consulting services will help you INCREASE your Conversion Rate by combining effective On-Page & Off-Page Optimizations, Audience Building & Buyer Retention Strategies

Amazon Branding Expert

If anyone is looking for a fantastic freelancer with great skills and communication I would STRONGLY suggest you hire Najam!

Hormoz CFO

With slight hesitation, I put my trust in Najam and it was the best decision I have ever made. Fast forward to a few months later, Najam has full control of our Amazon business via Amazon’s user permission system. He is young smart and trustworthy. We have him as one of our permanent team members

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Catalog Management

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Amazon PPC Advertising

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Key Difference Between Us and Other Agencies

E-Com Cabin

Total Inhouse Team

Expert team with years of experience

Data-driven strategies for maximum ROI

Comprehensive catalog optimization

Tailored SEO strategies for e-commerce

Personalized and targeted campaigns

Multi-platform expertise including TikTok Shop

Early adopters with proven success

High-quality, visually appealing content

24/7 dedicated support

Competitive and transparent pricing

Detailed analytics and regular reports

Cutting-edge strategies and tools

High client retention and satisfaction rate

Other Agencies

Outsourcing Work

General knowledge

Basic PPC management

Limited catalog services

Generic SEO approaches

Standard email blasts

Focus on limited platforms

Few agencies offer this service

Basic content creation

Limited support hours

Hidden fees and costs

Basic reporting tools

Slow to adopt new technologies

Average client retention rate

White Hat Data-Driven Approach

We helps our clients doing Data Driven Decisions for their Businesses

  • seller account management 90% 90%
  • Product Images & a+ content 75% 75%
  • Listing Optimzation 85% 85%
  • Motion Design 82% 82%

Work With Energetic Team


Najam Imran

Founder & CEO

Muhammad Usama


Shehryar Ahmad


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We facilitate our Client's Businesses with the leisure of specialty services and solutions that has already bought Success to our previous clients.


E-Commerce Manager

January 2020-Present


Amazon Branding Expert

Febuary 2021-Present


International Listings Expert

January 2022-Present

What our Client Says

"If anyone is looking for a fantastic freelancer with great skills and communication I would STRONGLY suggest you hire Najam!"

"Najam has been instrumental both in understanding what we would like for our brand and for providing quality work in a timely manner to make our brand more visible! He is a fantastic communicator and listener as he supports the growth and development of our brand! We will definitely continue to work with Najam and highly recommend him for anyone else considering his services."

"Overwhelmingly impressed with Najam's work. As a new seller on Amazon, the business plan is written not only to help me succeed, but to help me understand and learn each process. Feeling grateful, appreciative & relieved."

"You are Awesome!"

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